State of a service in Downtime?

Version: Checkmk Enterprise Edition 2.2.0p12

because I must change a bit on our switch setup, I have removed cables of the “ETH Bond-Interfaces”
Then I have set up a Downtime for both services.

2024-05-06 16_47_54-Checkmk UKH Monitoring - Services of Host srv-mon01.ukh.local – Mozilla Firefox

But the services are still in a “Warn” State, and so the Dashboard show that two services of the host have a problem.

2024-05-06 16_50_25-Checkmk UKH Monitoring - Main dashboard – Mozilla Firefox

Does someone have an idea how I can “stop” the monitoring of both services during the downtime?


Hi Stephan,
This is by design. It is very useful to know what services are down during a maintenance.
Have a look at the docs: Scheduled downtimes
“The affected hosts/services are not identified as having a problem in the Overview”.
The Services themselves on the host object however will still show if there is a warn/crit.
Maybe there is a way to filter hosts/services in downtime out of the dashboard, I am not sure about that.