Stop all database services on named instance in a host with 2 Sql Server installation

Hi all,
I’m on a HOST (my local notebook) for my tests…
and in this I got 2 instances of SQL SERVER:

  • default
  • named (ALEN)


It’s not clear to me how remove all service (SQL SERVER) that now are also on ALEN (like the backup in the picture).

I manage to block them but only 1 at a time… and since there are so many DBs it’s a bit boring. Isn’t there a quick way to filter with a rule? Sorry for the banality but I’m still with the first tests and the interface isn’t very simple for my level.

Thank you all

You can use the “Disabled Services” Rule to just add the Service Names (Regex, startswith match outof the box) which you want to ignore. You can do that Globlay, if you add no other Condition or limit that to the folder where you place the rule, to hosts with labels or tags, or directly to hosts.

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Thanks for your reply… its very powerful! Amazing!
but what I wrote… is a regexp side checkMK?

one more…

I found here a way to exclude a named instance in my host using .ini settings …

type = db
username = sqlmonitor
password = baubau

Thanks ALEN

I updated my regexp…

Now I catch everything on the named instance… seems not work with the exclusion into .INI…
but I need some time to try.

How can I be sure of all services blocked by my regexp? There is no way to see the list… in reverse, so as to be sure of everything excluded. M ain this case is the display blocked or also on the SQL side the call for that instance?


Found here… under property of the host…

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