Summing up the energy usage (Watt) for several hosts


we use SNMP to check our APC server rack PDUs. Each PDU gives a bunch of services (PDU Banks, Phases,…)
One of them is called “PDU Device xxx” and delivers for example “Power: 5202.5 W”.

It would be helpful to monitor several PDUs and sum up the Watt usage + graph to see when our racks in sum draw most energy.

Does anyone know how to accomplish it within CheckMK ? Of course we could also parse the CheckMK HTML page and add up the values and feed it back into CheckMK in a local script but thats not what I am looking for.



Hi @chekker

are you using Checkmk Raw or Enterprise?

In the Enterprise I believe you could add all Power services to a custom graph and adding them up.

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