Support NRDP passive checks

I am hoping to see NRDP approach supported in check-mk-raw.
Currently I only see NSCA approach supported.

NRDP is a NagiosXI only feature. You can do such things with a distributed monitoring setup with CMK.
I also don’t know any of the other monitoring products using this type of transport.

Hi @andreas-doehler

Thanks for response.

NRDP is not for XI only. I currently have this NRDP approach implemented across my nagioscore 4 instances. Nagios core 3 to Nagioscore 4 should work also.

I haven’t have successful nagioscore3/4->livestatus->check-mk-raw-1.6.0p16 experience yet. I will keep exploring. check-mk-raw looks like a good solution to ease our nagioscore infra support burden.

Here from our European perspective Nagios XI is the same as Nagios 4
The biggest problem in your setup is that there is no official support for livestatus under Nagios4 (with the recent versions).
Some other cores like Naemon, Icinga2 have support for livestatus in some way.

The important question for myself would be what is the goal you try to reach in your installation?
It is possible that for your problem already a solution exists with CMK as the core component.

True on livestatus and Nagios 4 support issue, I had to use livestatus-1.2.6 for nagioscore 4.

CRE-only will require big nrpe to checkmk agents migration effort and checkmk UI need some orientation effort.

I like CRE can connect to existing nagioscore+livestatus instances without big changes.

I am exploring the possibility of very slow migration over to CRE-only at our own pace.
Using CRE as central dashboard for all nagios instances is an OK starting goal for me.

BTW, can your company consider to provide CRE commercial support ?
Nagios provide nagioscore support also.