[Survey] Current Trends in the Sysadmin Career

UPDATE: Thanks for all who filled out the survey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Here’s the survey results. The data we got was pretty interesting, so we will continue digging deeper and release more analysis in the next weeks. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Hi Checkmk Community!

To celebrate the 21st SysAdmin Appreciation Day is happening on the 31st of July, we are doing a small research that we hope can give you some insights on the current trends in the sysadmin career path. This could be helpful for people who want to know how to get into the field or those already working and want to improve their skills.

Can we ask a small favor from everyone to fill out this short survey please? :pray: Google Form link here

It would be very awesome if you could also share it with your network. If we can get a lot of responses, the better our data and consequently our understanding of the trends in the field will be! :star_struck:

We will share an update regarding the results in the forum, on our blog and social media channels.

Thank you everyone in advance! :green_heart: Of course if you have any comments about the survey whether it’s about our questions or approach, please don’t hesitate to comment here or send me a message.


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firwall in our company makes her job,
will answer later but you should manage this problem.
Perhaps you should organize a handfull of beta-testers before publishing such a content.
You can add my name on the list if you want.

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Hi Ralf,

Oops! Sorry about that. Will keep that in mind next time.


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