Tactics for rearranging/merging tags

I have a need to change up some tag configurations. As an example, we have a tag that contains several variations of “$OS - $SomeApp”, which makes it a right nuisance to apply rules for the OS (need a duplicate rule for each application tag, ugh). I want to split this to OS and Application tags. I can obviously do some search by tag and bulk edit in WATO, though this would set tags on hosts where they might otherwise be set by folders. I then also need to search through the ruleset and make a lot of manual adjustments.

I’m contemplating whether it might be more worth my while to do it by editing the config files rather than going through the web interface (which I have done some of before, I’m not uncomfortable with the concept).

I’m sure I’ll figure it out one way or another. This is more of an open question/discussion starter. Does anyone have any particular tips for approaching this? Interesting stories of having done this yourself with mistakes the rest of us could learn from?

No good tips for your problem. I had the same problem also for merging two sites to one for instance. A search and replace over all configuration files could be the best way if planed carefully.

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