Template Variable Grafana

I am using grafana 8.1.2 and the checkmk plugin on Gitlab here: GitHub - tribe29/grafana-checkmk-datasource: CheckMK data source for Grafana

I can create a static dashboard but what I can’t do is to create a template variable, e.g. ‘hostname’ or ‘hostgroup’ at the top of the dashboard where I can select a single host and see its graphs.

Have any of you succeeded?
many thanks to all!


take a look at this thread :

Hi aeckstein,
also using the new plugin in beta, I have the possibility of creating a simple graph.
But what I would like to do is to create a dashboard with generic panel e.g. “Cpu Utilisation”, “Disk”, “Mem” etc. etc. and at the top of the dashboard create the variable “host name” or “hostgroup” with a drop-down menu where you can select the host/group.

Any ideas?


Hi @vinsvale
please read the thread aeckstein mentioned. Custom Variables are not supported at the moment. @marcel.arentz told me, that this feature should come with the next release.



We indeed are working on two things. One, @martin.hirschvogel already mentioned in another thread: Support of the plugin directly from the Grafana UI. The second one is the initial support of variables. You can do a lot with variables and we discussing some options, to add. The first results will come (soon).


Hi all,
just for information. Does the new plugin release (3.0) support the use of variables?

Thanks and BR,

Not yet, but it is planned

It’s not yet included. But as you can see from the branches on github, we’re working on that as well. This alpha release is the preparation for the (initial) signing review process.


Dear Marcel,

We would like to know if you are planning to implement multivalue for the variables. We tried to add multivalued metrics within a time series panel in Grafana without success, the same goes for table type panel.


Hi @jorgejuan
This is a valid question and all I can say is that it will have to be implemented at some point. However, there is no specific plan with a delivery date yet.
At the moment, we are still in an ongoing restructuring process. As soon as the new colleague worked himself into the plug-in, we are able to plan again for future enhancements.