Thank you for this forum!

Establishing a forum in favour of the mailing lists was a really smart idea.

It is now possible to quickly answer questions and/or ask for clarification if a given post lacks information.

With mailing lists, this wasn’t as easy. Yes, we could simply hit “reply” in our mail clients – but still, we had to keep track of upcoming replies. No reasonable way to sort the topics by something else than date or subject and no way to mark a thread as “solved”, the latter of which I consider an important improvement.

To my mind, this forum is by far superior to a mailing list because it encourages cooperation and helps evolving the community. The mailing lists felt kinda being stuck in the 90s. Thank you for letting go of them.


Hi @Dirk,

We’re very glad to hear that you are liking the new forum!
And of course, if you think the forum or anything we do for the community can be improved, feel free to share your thoughts.