Timerange Value not readable (RRD-Graphs)

I have a question about the graphs. On the right side you can select the time frame of the graph. But it seems that there is a conflict with the colors? Normally it says “Last 4 hours” and so on. But you can’t read that anymore. Is that a bug? Has it been addressed somewhere /somehow?

cee 1.6.0p17

Was there ever logic to adjust the font color automatically here? (just asking) I don’t recall this “working”.

Edit: Perhaps solve this UI wise with broad blurred (under) shadow text via CSS?

Same in p19 - but only when using the dark theme. As a workaround, you could switch to Classic or Modern (light) interface theme.

Recommend CSS: text-shadow: 1px 1px #000;

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thanks for the feedback. Since this is still the case in 2.0, I sent it to the feedback address as a suggestion for improvement. It’s also funny that the other graphs, e.g. Load, use a black background… you can read everything better. But for the filesystem graphs the background is still white?!