Trying to monitor MongoDB replset


I want to monitor more details about a MongoDB Cluster, including the replset size and also about the lag between primaries and secondaries. I found and which seem to provide the right information if I look at the source.

But for me it’s entirely unclear how to install and enable these plugins. I have tried to put it into the plugins directory of the agent, but nothing happens. Beside that, how do these plugins get their information from MongoDB?

I have already seen mk_mongodb, but this plugin is not an option as it iterates through the databases and collections, since the MongoDB Cluster contains roughly 3k databases, each with many collections this would kill our CheckMK :smiley:


you need to copy the mk_mogodb from ~/share/check_mk/agents/plugins to your MongoDB Server in /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins . Then you need to re-discover the agent.


Thanks, so I really need the mk_mongodb plugin. Sounds like I got to write something on my own as mk_mongodb iterates through all available databases, that is something I don’t want because of the massive amount of databases on the cluster.

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