Turn off notifications during nightly Windows Updates

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is there a simple way to turn off notifications in an unregularly time period? We are manually releasing the updates to be installed on a number of Windows Servers nightly. The Updates will then be installed in two time periods (e.g. 20:00 to 21:00 and 03:00 to 04:30). When releasing the updates I would like to disable the notifications for those two periods for the following night.

Those Windows Servers are all in one CheckMK-folder. It would be perfect if notifications only for that folder could be disabled. Meaning if all hosts and services of that folder could be put into maintenance with little effort.

Is that possible?

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you can set downtimes for this hosts. In downtimes no notifications are sent.



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ah cool. I just made a bookmark containing a list of all Windows Servers and I can then create two downtime actions for all those servers with a custom time range. Excellent, just what I was looking for, thank you!

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You can also set a “felxible downtime”: if you know the Windows update will take, for example, 30 minutes and will happen somewhere between 20:00 and 21:00 o’clock then set the downtime as follows:

Screenshot from 2020-03-20 08-46-35

Click “Custom time range”. The downtime will then start automatically somewhere betwenn 20 and 21 o’clock as soon as the first non-OK event occurs and will last for 30 minutes, e.g. from 20:12 to 20:42.


You can also define so-called “notification periods for hosts/services”.

You can find them under Host & Service Parameters -> Monitoring Configuration -> Notification section

Be sure to create your schedules under Timeperiods beforehand, so you can use them inside the rules.

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