Unable to build from source

Hi, I am trying to compile CheckMK from source but facing some problem. make -C omd setup won’t work since it’s asks to run the build in a docker container. I was able to get Docker machine up with buildscripts/infrastructure/build-nodes/debian-10/ but then a long list of dependencies makes the build fail. I did manage to install the dependencies manually but the compile fails with some python error and addition header files missing. Each compile takes a very long time since it’s always rebuild everything.

I am trying to figure out if this is the correct approach to compile or if there is any build documentation I am missing somewhere? Appreciate if I can get some pointers to get started with the build myself.



i have the same problem as well, i am not able to build it with any version of linux. a tutorial with the steps to build checkmk from source will be very helpful.

What happens if you checkout branch 1.6 from Github and do the two steps https://github.com/tribe29/checkMK#building-on-your-own-packages
to build your own package?

There are multiple things happening I think. When I run that using any of the branch, 1.6.0 in this case as well,

root@88664689893e:~/checkmk# make -C omd setup
make: Entering directory '/root/checkmk/omd'
Please run the build in a docker container.
Dockerfiles for all Distros can be found under 'buildscripts/infrastructure/build-nodes/'.
make: Leaving directory '/root/checkmk/omd'

The Makefile don’t have anything specific to build under setup

	@echo "Please run the build in a docker container."
	@echo "Dockerfiles for all Distros can be found under 'buildscripts/infrastructure/build-nodes/'."

This makes me think there is something missing in the build instructions. Even though I tried this inside a docker container and on simple Debian 9/10 machine as well.

Bump to see if I can get a response … :slight_smile:

Take a look at this post Check mk error in compilation from source git
There i wrote a little bit about the building and how it works.