Unable to get started

I am on day 3 of trying to deploy CheckMK RAW, I spun a Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 (2 CPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB HDD).

Followed all the documentation of RAW 2.1.0.p3

When I reach 3.4, and I try to create the site, it failed, so I created a "test: site, started it, but this is what I get:

Not sure how to get past this at all, any help appreciated!

The error message says you have already a process listen on port 5000. I don’t know what runs on an Ubunutu desktop on these ports. With Ubuntu server i had no such issue all the years.

This port is using the site Apache if nothing else is defined.
You can issue a “omd config test” and there you can configure the Apache port to some other value as 5000.
After the config change try to start the site again.

Thank you Andreas, I changed the port, but still not working:

Also restarted the system Apache after this config change and site start?

Of course :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your help Andreas!