Unexpected effects with "Magic Factor"

2.0.0p25 (CRE)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3

We have a folder with 3 rules for “Levels for filesystem”. One of the rules has been created according to the advice at 5. Customising file system thresholds ‘magically’
Due to conditions only 2 of them are effective for the respective service check:

The effect is that the service check for host LKV-SRVAPP15, drive D: shows a message “critical” due to a limit of 60% (!).
The file system’s size is 240 GB, 90,65% are used, so actually there should be more than 22000 MB free space, which is more than the limit of 10000 MB.

Exchanging rule 2 and rule 3 leads two other limits but doesn’t help.
Rule 2 works as expected, if I deactivate the “magic rule”. If I change rule 2 to a “used space” rule the effective limits are changed as well to a values slightly below the assigned limits.
It seems that rule 2 and rule 3 are affecting each other. My understanding is that only the first rule in the list which conditions match is effective.

Any idea what’s going on there?

Thanks in advance!
Tobias Crefeld.

without having checked your rules in detail: For rules with multiple parameters, it’s not “first match wins” for the whole rule but just per parameter.


I added an “exclude LKV-SRVAPP15” to the third rule and now rule 2 works as expected.
Thanks for the hint!