Update Failed (0) Error on mouse hover over the graphs

Displays the above error on mouse hover over, I only have one local site for which there is an error. If I click, I get a page like this with this error

"this content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue.
The graphs are available via site “ip/site/pnp4nagios”
I am using version 1.6.0p25 raw
Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

Is your site also only called with IP?
It looks like a blocked cross site content in HTTPS conections.
Can you show the URL of your open CMK webinterface and the URL you want to click?

Hey Andreas,
Here are the links.

URL of My open CMK webinterface:

URL of Grpahs(performance data):

Thank you

Two different servers, you need to configure some proxy rules in your Apache of the main site.
Such HTTPS called inside a frame of another connection is normally forbidden.

You can read this section and you need to adapt the proxy rule for HTTPS.

Hi Andres,
Thank you, actually, I just noticed that is so strange, the data is actually on the same host as the first link. but for some reason, the link to pnp4nagios is showing a link to another host ip.
Are there a settings I can change that IP for the pnp4nagios link in some settings?