Update on Checkmk 2.2 Stable Release

Dear Community,

For the last couple of months we have been actively testing and polishing Checkmk 2.2: we had 6 beta versions and each of them included improvements based on feedback and internal testing. We could not have done it without you and your reports – thank you!

Now it is time: we are glad to announce that we are closing in on the official stable release of Checkmk 2.2. The amount of issues since the beginning of the beta drastically decreased, with fewer bugs reported each passing week, while the stability of the version increased. Right now, we see all the indicators for a strong and stable release.

While we are adding some finishing touches, we expect the release to happen at the end of May. Besides the release itself, we are preparing many materials on the new and improved features – tutorials, blogs and website pages, and much more about the new Checkmk Cloud Edition.

So stay tuned!