Usermgmt - Start URL to display in main frame

I generate a NagVis dashboard with checks for a customer. Now I try to configure the customer login and the correct start point (dashboard). I used the option “Start URl ro display in Main frame” und configured the NagVis address from the Dashboard. The user made the login and he/she get an empty Site and the URL is “”. The customer has now to paste the dashboard address again, after this step he/she get the correct dashboard. How is the way to configure that the user get his Dashboard after the login?

Hi hzech

the start url must look like this”

untested from mobile

Greets Bernd

Thanks for the tip. Now I create a dashboard and it works well, but the strat url for the user don’t work.

Exsample: Address for dashboard
after the login - the Url stayed on
Address for dashboard “
I use the User Setting - Start URL to display in the main frame=“


the syntax for “Start URL to display in mainframe” is:


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Thanks, now it’s works