V2: Position of buttons "...changes" and "Fix all"


I have a small improvement suggestion for the position of those two buttons:

I would like to suggest to move both of them back to the position as in 1.6. I always have been used (at least I think so…) to find the most obvious buttons for the next step in the upper left corner.


Btw, this was solved perfectly in V2 for the “save” button in the edit view of rules, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks & regards,

There are different views to this design decisions. Yes the Save on top is very good i also think this is a big improvement.
The changes on the top right i find now after some migrations to 2.0 also very good as there is no problem as before that you miss that there are open changes. The changes where in 1.6 only visible if you are inside WATO and also there not in all places. Now i also see in the normal host or service view left top yellow circle → open changes. :slight_smile:
But as said there are different views for the same problem.


Thanks Andreas, this is a valid point.
It is helpful to see open changes at any time now.
UI design is always a hard task: 10 users - 12 opinions :slight_smile:

the “changes” button on the top right in v2 I also find better implemented, I had to get used to it though :slight_smile: .
But I would like the “fix all” button to be placed under the menu bar and not in the middle of the page.


I agree that the new placement is an improvement, but I wish it was more prominent. It’s easy to miss it. More than once, I’ve spent a few minutes chasing an odd issue I thought I fixed only to finally notice that I hadn’t applied pending changes.