Veeam Monitoring

In the Veeam console we activated status information under “Storage”> “Notifications”.
The status information is output as an attribute in the vSphere.
Can you monitor this if the field is not filled or if the backup is older than 24 hours?

In der Veeam Konsole haben wir unter “Storage” > “Notifications” Statusinformationen aktiviert.
Die Statusinformationen werden im vSphere als Attribut ausgegeben.
Kann man dies Monitoren, wenn das Feld nicht gefüllt ist oder wenn das Backup älter als 24 Stunden alt ist?

You can monitor Veeam itself:

This will add one service per backup job to Veeam server and to any VM in that job. This script might easily be extended to support Replication and Copy jobs.


The checkmk agent for Windows has a plugin available to get the backup status directly from veeam.

If you enable this plugin in your agent config or copy the plugin to a directory where all plugins are executed, your checkmk server will get all the informations directly from veeam.

(the retry-bug that was the reason for the veeamagent-script at is fixed in the official plugin since November 2015 [werk #2726], so you can now use the official shipped plugin)

With the plugin you will get

Should give you all data that you need.

How do I install the plugin
We use the Raw 1.6.0p9

On your veeam server, the plugin is in the default plugin folder of the agent:

C:\Program Files (x86)\checkmk\service\plugins

In the default config, no plugin in this directory is executed.

You can copy the plugin to the local plugin directory

or you can enable the veeam plugin in your check_mk.user.yml with the following config (benefit: if the shipped plugin is updated, it will automatically use the updated plugin, you do not need to copy it again)


    - pattern     : '$BUILTIN_PLUGINS_PATH$\veeam_backup_status.ps1'
      timeout     : 60
      run         : yes
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I would also recommend this way :slight_smile:
I don’t know if @SergejKipnis has this also on his agenda as the preferred way.

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depending on the size and performance of your Veeam infrastructure, getting all data through the powershell plugin can take some time.

If you have a normal default check interval of 1 minute, you should maybe add an “Normal check interval for service checks”-Rule for the “Check_MK$” service on your backup host in the monitoring config, to only query the veeam host every 2 or 5 minutes

yes - it is also my personal preferred way.

(but the official agent bakery does a copy of the plugins to the local folder instead of just adding it to the config, so maybe there are reasons for this)

The reason is to stay compatible with the rules and deployment scripts from 1.5
We (as the users) need to find some time that this can be discussed with Sergej if a change is possible and doable.
I would prefer that inside the “Programdata” plugins folder are only different plugins then the default plugins.

that means if the latest Windows Agent is installed. Then the Veeam plugin is automatically installed? And you just have to adjust the parameters of the Veeam rules. Is that correct?

The mkp File copy in the folder: C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\plugins

This is only if you configure the plugin the way that @stalmon said.

No mkp files do nothing on your target system. It installs only new or modified versions on your monitoring system. A modified plugin in only deployed to your monitored systems with a newer version if you use the enterprise edition with the agent bakery.


Is it possible to use the Veeam plugin without Enterprise Edition?

@stalmon Where do I change the configuration? To use the Veeam plugin?

Yes, it works with all eiditions.

You have two options.
1: copy the “veeam_backup_status.ps1” from “C:\Program Files (x86)\checkmk\service\plugins” to “C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\plugins” - that’s all
2: change only the file “C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\check_mk.user.yml” inside the section “plugins” to execute the “veeam_backup_status.ps1” directly from the “program files” directory

  enabled: true
    - pattern     : '$BUILTIN_PLUGINS_PATH$\veeam_backup_status.ps1'
      async       : yes
      run         : yes

For option 1 it would also be good to modify the yml file that the plugin is executed asynchronous or with cache time if you want.

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