View timestamp format


By default checkmk views use Mixed timestamp which shows log entry time under 24 hours as minutes or hours. I understand this can be changed to Absolute on web GUI.

Can I also get the Absolute on if I am fetching data by curl the url? Like https://xxxx/check_mk/". Is there anything I can add to set the timestamp here?


Use the URL parameter po_ts_format=abs for that.


Making it like https://xxxx/check_mk/

Still the same to me unfortunately.

Is there a document of all these parameters by the way?


There is no documentation for all the parameters currently. You see them as soon as you manipulate the filters or display options in the browser.

With CMK 2.0 and the REST API this will change as the new API will be self-documented.

Ok thanks.

But po_ts_format=abs doesn’t work for me.

It’s still returning the relevant time like 21h.

curl “https://xxx/check_mk/

“19 h”,
“Filesystem /usr”,
“WARN - 80.23% used (9.62 of 11.99 GB), (warn/crit at 80.0%/90.0%), trend: +16.49 MB / 24 hours”
“21 h”,
“Filesystem /usr”,
“OK - 79.96% used (9.59 of 11.99 GB), trend: -6.34 MB / 24 hours”