VMware datastore status remains at 95% despite that's no longer true

Hey guys…

We have a small datastore only 300G and a VM was mistakenly placed on it causing it to go to 95% full.
Realizing this, I’ve migrated the VM out of this datastore to the actual datastore that it’s supposed to be on. The ESXi is monitored by using a local account created on the hypervisor. Things have been going fine all along.

The 300G datastore went back to just 1% after migration. But check_mk keeps reporting it at 95% ever since. I can’t seem to make it go away. Any suggestion?

Hi @sentiblue,

Try a datastore refresh or even a storage rescan in vSphere management on that host. This sometimes seems to happen, especially when this host is part of cluster.

Regads, Tom.

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As @ttr said i also saw this behavior on some machines in clusters. As this is a problem in bigger setups i only poll datastores over the vCenter and not the ESX hosts itself.

Thank you for your replies guys. I’ll see what I can do to resolve this issue. Have a great day.

I just wanted to provide an update guys…
Rescanning the HBA definitely resolved this issue.

Apparently we can’t blame Check_MK in this situation, but rather VMware.
It’s quite strange that vCenter already knew about the new datastore level but the host keeps reporting 95% for over a week.

If i remember the documentation i found about this problem, then it is working as intended.
Only the vCenter knows about the “real” status of your datastores and the hosts only look if they do anything on the datastore.

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