Warn on lower interface speed only

It’s great that Check_MK can warn when a network interface / switch port lowers its interface speed, as this probably indicates a broken cable. However, I don’t quite see the advantage of warning on a higher interface speed than was expected. This is especially true when the stored/expected speed is 0, since this probably means the port was down and that probably caused a critical state for the check anyway.

So in addition to the “Ignore speed” option, I would love to have an “Ignore higher speed” option, which ideally even stores the higher speed so that it is the expected speed in future check executions.

Sounds good! This would also help us monitoring the sync speed on DSL connections - line quality and noise can cause variations in speed that are ok, but not below a certain guaranteed minimum bandwidth.

We would have to be able to edit the limits, though, not only select from fixed values 10M/100M/1000M.