Watching, tracking and muted stats / topic listing in user summery

I am missing stats for topics I am watching, tracking or possible even have muted.

Learning Checkmk is besides doing it yourself and reading the manual, also reading along with other users problems on this forum and see the solution, fixes, workarounds for it. So I sometimes changed a topic from normal to watching or tracking while I didn’t reply to a topic.
When I get a mail from a watched topic I don’t care about it anymore, I change it back to normal, but I haven’t got a clue which I am currently watching / tracking.

It would be nice if you can visually see from your stats which I am actually watching/tracking, so I can revisit the topics or do a clean up if needed. And the other way around, not done so yet, putting something on mute, might be a temporarily setting which you might want to change in the future back to normal.

No clue if Discourse offers such stats / listing solution.

Hi @Yggy!
Discourse has a powerful search function that might do the job. Here’s an example for posts you are ‘Watching’.

You can change it to the search criteria you need.

Hope that’s what you’re looking for!


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This totally works for me, thanks!

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