WATO: is there a way to increase the "110 second timeout"

I’ve running a multisite checkMK (1.6.0p11-cee) installation with 4.5k host and 150k checks.
Over all there are 20 sites up and running, which is needed because of network topology

for more and more queries in WATO we run in timeout:

Internal error: Your request timed out after 110 seconds. This issue may be related to a local configuration problem or a request which works with a too large number of objects. But if you think this issue is a bug, please send a crash report.

mostly when we do activation of changes ;-(

You are not alone :wink:


 def request_timeout(self):
        """The system web servers configured request timeout. This is the time
        before the request is terminated from the view of the client."""
        # TODO: Found no way to get this information from WSGI environment. Hard code
        # the timeout for the moment.
        return 590



thanks mike,

I’ll try it when we have the next timeout at activation…

to display, by Example, “inactive rules” it’s not working. With a value higher than 110 I got:

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /xsitenamex/check_mk/wato.py.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

Looks like there are more adjustments needed ;-(


Hi Thorsten,

You are right, you have several layers of apache to take care as well.


ProxyPass retry=0 disablereuse=On timeout=600


Timeout 600

And finally in the system configuration of apache probably in /etc/apache or /etc/httpd depending on your OS, you also need to adjust. Default timeout is 300 sec.

Timeout 600



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