What is the meaning of WATO?

First, I’m a newbie, just installed v2.0.0.9p. I generally read about WATO, but I found really nothing in the Docs what it stands for or what it means. I really clicked into every Docs page, but no hint. I assume it’s the Managment GUI, but I’m not 100% sure. Can someone pls tell me? Thanks

– Fritz

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“WATO” is an abbreviation for “web administration tool”. It’s the configuration part of the management GUI.

This term is rather obsolete now. From 2.0 onwards, this is just called “Setup”, but you might still find references to the old name in some places.


“WATO” will live forever!



thanks for the explanation

Can I get a script to apply those changes to my mind and the minds of my colleagues please? :wink:


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