What to restart after ruleset definition changes

I’m writing a lot of plugins, and converting from pre-2.3.0 APIs to 2.3.0 APIs at the moment. The thing I’m spending most time on at the moment is (re-)writing WATO rulesets. One thing I’m not really sure of is which processes I need to restart whenever I change rulesets (stuff in local/lib/python3/cmk/plugins/<plugin_name>/rulesets, usingCheckParameters and/or AgentConfig).

It seems that omd restart apache doesn’t suffice; my changes aren’t reflected in the web UI until I do a full omd restart — which takes quite some time.

Is there a quicker way to restart fewer processes so that the changes will be reflected in the web UI?

Another question: I know that omd restart apache suffices for changes in …/plugins/…/graphing, and it seems that changes in …/plugins/…/agent_based are picked up immediately. Is this correct?


All my changes are respected after an Apache restart.
What is also important is a clean browser cache.
One other point is the search function inside WATO. This will not work correctly after only the Apache restart. But if you only want to test the parameters then Apache restart should be ok.

Ah OK, that explains what I was experiencing, which was mostly my rule not being found via the search functionality. Thanks.

afaik ‘redis’ would have to be restarted for setup search index :slight_smile:

I think this is relevant, some (all?) rules are now cached in Redis to make the UX experience better so restarting reddis should help as well?