What's New at Checkmk 2.0 | 18th March 2021

What’s New at Checkmk 2.0 (Community Call)

18th March 2021 | 6:00pm / 18:00 CET / 13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT

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Dear Checkmk Community,

With Checkmk 2.0 finally here, we invite you to join us in a Community Call where we give you an overview of what’s new in Checkmk 2.0. As you may know, the new version is packed with major improvements, so we have a lot of topics to cover! Thus, we will have to limit the questions/discussions to general topics this time. We cannot dive very deeply into a specific topic, but we can point you in the right direction that you can check afterward.

Please check out the agenda document and feel free to fill it with your questions/requests in advance. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you there!

Best regards and stay healthy,


Thanks everyone for attending today and the good vibes!
As promised, here is the presentation with all links to further information.


Hi everyone,
Echoing what Martin said ;). Thanks for joining us yesterday! Here is the recording on YouTube.