Why there are no documentation available for 1.6

Why there are no documentation available for 1.6, There is only 2.0 documentation available, From the drop down when 1.6 selected to goes to page not found ? We are still on 1.6

It is working here → The official Checkmk user guide
The problem can be that not all topics exists inside the 1.6 documentation.
What exactly do you search?


Currently I get:

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Largenginx

Maybe Tribe29 sis doing maintenance.



The official Checkmk user guide works for me from N.A.


If you look at the top right, you can switch the version from „latest“ to your desired version.

I still get this from time to time:

Not sure if its related to us or not

Hi Mike,
we will look into this 400 error. Typically it indicates a problem on the client side, and not server side.
In the meantime, you could try deleting the cookies from docs.checkmk.com.
Cheers, Martin

@Premkumar Can you share the link, where you ended up with the 404?
We are monitoring the docs for 404s automatically, thus we typically don’t have 404s.
Link to articles, which don’t exist in 1.6, lead to the start page typically.
An example: Configuration via the Checkmk REST-API
This feature doesn’t exist in 1.6, so there is no article for it and you end up at the start page again.

Hi Mike, this problem should be fixed now hopefully. Let me know, if it continues to occur.

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Works from my end.



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There was a problem, While toggling from 2 to 1.6, But looks like the issue is fixed now, Doc for 1.6 is available in the Toggle / Dropdown, Thank You

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