Wi-Fi network monitoring

Hello, I am new to using the tool and I am trying to monitor a Wi-Fi network, I started with the Cisco Aironet 1300 access point, it connects correctly to SNMP, there is ping but I would like to know how to manage the rules related to wireless networks such as connected clients, intensity of signal, signal quality and others. Is there an extra step to achieve monitoring based on those rules?

There seems to be one check plugin for Cisco Aironet devices: Cisco Aironet Access Points: Client Status

This should be able to autodiscover service checks as soon as SNMP is working. Do you get an “SNMP Info” service check on the host?

It could be that due to updated firmware the SNMP OIDs have changed and the check plugin cannot detect the values any more.

Yes of course, with SNMP I only have access to information such as CPU consumption, ethernet and wireless interfaces and others. I have created the rules related to aironet clients but it doesn’t work. From what I understand should I manually configure the OIDs to detect those values?