Will piggyback still work in 2.1.0?


I am trying to understand if the piggyback mechanism will still work with the new 2.1.0 updates. There is nothing described about piggyback in the new Monitoring Linux - The new agent for Linux in detail

Specific scenario:

  1. check_mk server
  2. local servers reachable via TCP/check_mk agent (regular setup)
  3. remote servers (without TCP connection to the check_mk_server), which deliver their check_mk_agent output to a local server (2), which reads these output, and adds this as piggyback data.

If I understand correctly the new agent initiates a TCP connection to the server (1), which would fail on the remote servers (3) in the above scenario?

Piggyback works as before. For your remote servers without connection to an CMK instance you only need to configure the agent in the “old” way. Then you can also deliver the agent output the same way as before to the local server that is reachable from CMK.