WLC Cisco 9800 Access Point not discovered

Hi there,
I’m migrating frow WLC 2504 to new WLC 9800 and I can’t monitor my access point on this one.
All was OK on the WLC2504.
Witch the 9800, I found the AP witch snmpwalk on the OID . but on my services host, they don’t appear.
Any idea please?
Here are detected services :slight_smile:

what does this screenshot show? The old or the new AP?


The new one just to show there is something collected on it but not the AP’s.

Sorry but I don’t understand what you talking about.
I’ve got Cisco AIR-AP1702I-E-K9 for example which I can monitor throught the WLC2504 but not through the WLC9800.
Here is the complete name of the controler : Cisco Catalyst 9800-40 Wireless Controller
running latest IOS-XE version : 16.12.4a

It seems this WLC is not recognized and the plugins cisco_wlc and cisco_wlc_clients nat not used yet.

The important information is what returns your new device on OID - .
The existing Cisco WLC check expects one of the following values


I think your new device has something else there.
You can copy booth check files from “~/share/check_mk/checks/” to “~/local/share/check_mk/checks/” and extend the list with your value. Then it should find the APs again.

Other option is to use the “cisco_wlc” package from my colleague https://thl-cmk.hopto.org/gitlab/checkmk/cisco/wlc/cisco_wlc
it already supports more types and gives “some” more information.

Hi Andreas,
OID value :
iso. = OID: iso.

I’ve tried to copy both check files to the location you give was not running. so I’ve add the OID directly in the original check files and now it’s working. Thanks for help
Will you add this OID on next release?