2.0.0.p6 RAW to monitor VMs / vSphere

New here, first post. This process looks very straight forward but I have a few questions. Thank you for your patience. I have CheckMK up, running, and monitoring a windows host. My next step is to add a few VMs (vSphere 6.7) but I’m having a little trouble with the process. Any help is appreciated.


  • You must have defined a user on the ESXi-server. It is sufficient that this user only has read access.*

I have a user setup but at what level to I apply those read only permissions? From root and propagate down? (I don’t want to apply these read only permissions at the wrong level unnecessarily)
—>data center

  • You must have defined the ESXi-server as the host in Checkmk, and configured it as an agent (Checkmk Agent). Tip: Select the host name so that it is the same as that known to the server itself.*

So when the read only account is completed, I just add the ESXi host/datacenter as a host in CheckMK?

Afterwards, if I want to see VMs as individual hosts I look inside “~/tmp/check_mk/piggyback/” to see all the names the system has data for and then create all the hosts using the names in the piggyback folder. Correct?
(via vSphere Monitoring Question - Troubleshooting - Checkmk Community)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

I have always just applied it at the top level, without giving it much thought.

If you only have one datacenter or only one cluster or only one host, … then you could probably use that as the starting point instead, but I’d just go for the top-level so you can’t forget to extend the permissions should you add another datacenter (cluster, host, …) later on.


We also just applied the access rights at root, without giving it much thought.

We get all ouf our piggyback information from the ESXi host itselfe.
We have a vCenter and all the ESXi-Host monitored by CMK.

We have a host for each VM and that hosts gets its piggback information directly from the ESXi host and not from the vCenter. We don’t use the dynamic configuration because we don’t have that much dynamic in our vm enviroment so its no problem to create the hosts by hand.


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Thank you to the both of you.