vSphere Monitoring Question

Hi, folks,

I have a couple questions about monitoring vSphere. We are running CheckMK 2.0.0p5-RAW, monitoring vCenter 6.7 U3 on the vSphere appliance. We have not installed an agent on the appliance. CheckMK appears to be collecting data from vSphere, but I note the following oddities:

  1. The VMs show up as services attached to the vSphere host rather than as hosts in CheckMK. Is there a way to get them to show up as hosts?
  2. When I navigate to Monitor->vSphere Servers, nothing shows up.
  3. When I navigate to Monitor->vSphere VMs, only a small selection of VMs actually appears.

Create a host exactly the same name as inside your vCenter then you get automatically some services with information from the vCenter. Alternatively you can define a piggyback renaming rule to make all the names lower or upper case or remove domain parts or some regular expressions applied to the names.

There will only something shown if you also create your VM servers as objects and these objects are filled with services from your vCenter.

See answer 1

I have “piggyback” set to “Use piggyback data from other hosts if present.”

The VM name setting is:
Piggyback name of virtual machines: Use the VMs hostname if set, otherwise fall back to ESX name

I guess this does something different than what I expected. Is it possible to build a rule which automatically creates hosts in CheckMK from discovered VMs?

This is a enterprise edition feature. The dynamic configuration daemon does it.
With Raw edition you can look inside “~/tmp/check_mk/piggyback/” there you see all the names the system has data for and then create all the hosts with this names and you have the piggyback services shown.

Great, thanks. I will check that out.

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