2023 March-April Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

Two months in one bulletin – here are the news from March and April!

Big News: 2.2 Beta Release

We are 1 step closer to Checkmk 2.2!

On the 28th of March our developer team presented the Checkmk 2.2 Beta version!

Now everyone can become a tester of the new version and help us find rare inconsistencies and let us know what you think – just test the new version and send your feedback at feedback-2.2-beta at checkmk.com.

You can also test our very new Cloud Version, just take a look here: Checkmk Cloud Edition beta testing

New Videos: Checkmk Tutorials

Episode 44: Working with the Datadog integration in Checkmk

Episode 45: Monitoring Proxmox with Checkmk

Episode 46: Working with the Checkmk REST API

Episode 47: Securing the Checkmk web interface with HTTPS

Episode 48: Monitoring file servers with Checkmk

:mega: Shout-outs

:trophy: New Community Hero!

@aeckstein helped at least 50 people! Dear Andre, it is always a pleasure to see you and your helpful advice in the forum!

:trophy: New Community Ally!

Thank you, @elias.voelker, for making Checkmk community members feel welcome and helping to find out solutions on how to use Checkmk the best way possible!

:trophy: New Community Helpers

6 new Community Helpers, whose posts were marked as a solution for the first time in March and April! Please do not forget to mark the answers that helped you as solutions – to say Thank you to people like:







Congratulations and thank you!

:beetle: Bugfixes

Here are the bugfixes that were contributed to the code of Checkmk on GitHub:

add auth mechanism X509 for mongodb

fix params detection in check_humidity

fix handling of decimal values in ibm_svc_nodestats

[elasticsearch_nodes] changes key in rule

Now safe to only include types-lxml as dependency

As always, if you want to contribute to the code of Checkmk, here is the contribution guide to help you in the process. Thank you!

As a conclusion for this Bulletin, I would, as always, like to offer you to share your Checkmk news: if you are a plugin developer and updated your plugin, if you found out a new way of doing things or if you just want to share something new about Checkmk you found out this month – you are welcome to share your news in the replies, or if it is something big let me know – I could include it in the next Bulletin :slight_smile: