Checkmk Cloud Edition beta testing

Dear Checkmk Community,

while we are still finalizing the content around the Checkmk Cloud Edition, which explains its purpose and its features, we want to already give you the opportunity to test it now during its beta phase.

The Checkmk Cloud Edition automatically starts in a trial mode with no limitations for 30 days. After these 30 days, the activation of changes is blocked if you are above 750 services or using it in a distributed monitoring set-up. A license is required to unlock this limitation.
If you have been using the Checkmk Free Edition (CFE), then the Checkmk Cloud Edition is your substitute from 2.2.0 on.

If you want to test the Cloud Edition beta beyond the 30 day trial period, please add the following beta license to your site at Setup > Maintenance > Licensing.
Application Account login: BETA220
Application Account password: CHECKMKBETA220
This Beta license will remain valid until June 16th.

After Checkmk 2.2.0 stable release, PoC licenses will be available by contacting our sales team.

As soon as our docs team has finished the article on the Checkmk Cloud Edition, we will also share it in here. A FAQ is currently also in progress, which should address most questions. We ask for your patience thus. However, if you want to get your hands on and try out new features like the push mode of the Checkmk agent (Linux, Windows), automated host creation, cloud checks, cloud dashboards and OpenShift monitoring, you can now do so.
(I added links to the docs articles already created / partially updated)

Please report any issues to feedback-2.2-beta [at]

Happy monitoring,
Martin for the Checkmk team