2023 September Community Bulletin

:newspaper: Updates

Hello Community!

The first month of the autumn is gone, so it is time to sum up some news.

Short overview of September news

New Blog: Checkmk – our road to ARM support

Over time we received many questions about Checkmk supporting ARM. We wrote a blog post to answer some of them, so if you haven’t already, take a look: Checkmk – our road to ARM support | Checkmk

Micro Survey Results: Customization Options in Checkmk

As many of you know, @thohenstatt conducts monthly Micro Surveys about Checkmk UX to make it better, to make it so you could more conveniently find what you need in the interface. Here are the results of the latest survey: https://forum.checkmk.com/t/survey-results-are-in-micro-survey-8-customizing-in-checkmk

Update : while I was preparing this bulletin, Tanja prepared a new survey. Please check it out and let us know what you think! [Survey] Micro survey #9: Data and tables

Updated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Another short but important read of the month is Checkmk’s updated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy. Security is important, and we take it seriously: Vulnerability disclosure policy | Checkmk

VMware x Checkmk Webinar for Spanish Speakers

Many of you use Checkmk and VMware, so we decided to connect with VMware enthusiasts and organise a Checkmk webinar focusing on the topic.

To provide the best value, we want to collect your VMware monitoring related questions in advance: https://forum.checkmk.com/t/collecting-your-questions-about-monitoring-vmware-with-checkmk-in-spanish/41586

Looking forward to your questions and seeing you at the webinar!

:mega: Shout-outs

:trophy: New Community Helpers

3 new people became Community Helpers in September:




Your expertise helped at least one person – and it is a big contribution. Thank you!

:trophy: New Community Problem Solver

5 accepted solutions require dedication, expertise and sincere willingness to help.

We are glad to have you, @Anders, and congratulations on becoming a Community Problem Solver!

:trophy: New Community Hero

At the very end of September, I am happy to congratulate our newest Community Hero, who helped more than 50 people with their considerate responses.

I think many of us would agree that we are very lucky to have you in the community, @Norm. Congratulations! :tada:

This time I would like to finish the Community Bulletin by saying big thank you to all the community members who, while communicating, show the example of respect and understanding towards less experienced users – it helps to keep the forum a welcoming place for everyone working with Checkmk, and make them feel a part of the Community.
This would not be possible without you.

Wishing you the best October,



Congrats @Anders and @Norm !