Activating Windows Update plug in

Hello all.

I have been trying to configure the Windows Update plug in for a test machine of my own but I seem to be unable to get it started.

I am sure I’m missing a simple step in activating the plug in, I just don’t know what it is.

Steps done:
1 - moved a copy of the windows_updates.vbs scrip to the agent/plugins folder
2 - Created a rule in the WATO server for my test machine
3 - Ran check_mk -I in the server machine

The service still does not show in the portal. What am I missing here?

Thank you.

Hi @joaoe33

what version of the agent are you using ?
What is the exact full path, where you copied the vbs script ?


Good afternoon.

I am using agent version: 1.6.0p9

plug in path: C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\plugins

copied from: C:\Program Files (x86)\checkmk\service\plugins

Filename: windows_updates.vbs


that seems correct so far.
Could you check the output of the following commands as site user:

cmk -d hostname | grep -A 5 -i windows_updates
cmk -vvn hostname | grep -i updates

(replace hostname with the exact name of the host in checkmk)



I got empty outputs on both commands.

Can you try to manually run the command in a command line ?

cscript C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\plugins\windows_updates.vbs

Yes indeed.

The output turns as:

?C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\plugins\windows_updates.vbs(59, 1) (null): 0x8024A000

ok, my outout looks like this :

0 1 3
Security Intelligence-Update für Microsoft Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 (Version 1.329.2954.0)

So there seems to be a problem with the vbs script.
Might be because of permission problems or the script itself.

Are you using the latest stable agent 1.6p20 ?


I am using 1.6.0p9 which is the same version as the server.

I did a second test on another windows machine and everything worked well.

The output 0x8024A000 of the script seems to be an error code from Windows Update.
Are you sure that the windows update service itself is running and working fine ?
Maybe you can restart the service and open the windows update gui to see, if there are any errors.

Yes, this was the issue.

Thank you very much, everything is working fine.

happy to hear that !

hi Andre - sorry for hijacking this thread but would you mind having a look at my thread?
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It’s comparable but I can’t find something wrong with the Update service (has been restarted)