Assign service period to BI Aggregation for availability reports?

Hey guys,

how am I supposed to assign a service period to BI Aggregations?

Currently, I have 3 different Aggregations and a Time Period (Mon-Fri 07:00-19:00) which I want to combine in availibility reports.

For example: If one crucial service in the aggregation is CRIT between 01:00 and 03:00, the whole aggregation will become CRIT aswell. But since that happens outside of the service period, I don’t want to see this in a availability report later on.

The option “Service Time: Base report only on service times” in the report configuration does not seem to work.

If I assign the service period to said single crucial service and then start the report on the BI Aggregation, the CRIT state will always show up in the timeline, no matter if I set “Base report only on service times” or “Include both service and non-service times”.

If I assign the service period to the service which automatically gets inventorized on the local site Checkmk host after creating the BI Aggregation and then start the report on this “BI service”, the CRIT state will never show up in the timeline, again no matter if I set “Base report only on service times” or “Include both service and non-service times”.

Based on a quick search in this forum, there were a couple of thread over the last years, where people stated the same issue. Unfortunately there were no helpful answers nor a solution to his.

Thanks in advance for any help

Have nice day!

Maybe I wasn’t able to describe the issue very well.

Do you need further information?

Hi Jens, I think your Question is quite clear. I have the same question, although I did not fiddle with my configuration yet. Did you make any progress?

Edit: I just found the following, so apparently it should work with the Service Periods: Report: Availability report based on Time Periods (not service times)

Just to confirm: For me this worked like a charm. I defined the service period and it showed up in BI just like that.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
As described in the first post, I defined a service period and assigned it to specific host and/or services which are part of the BI aggregation. But still, there are timespans in the availability report, which are CRIT and therefore ignoring the service period.

Further explanation:

  1. define service period Mo-Fri 07:00-19.00
  2. create rule “service period for services”
  3. assign service period to specific service
  4. view availability timeline of this service
  5. change the setting “service time” in report options to “base report only on service times”
  6. be confused why there is still a line showing crit state 23:59-00:02

Additionally, changing the report option to “include both service and non-service times” shows the exact same numbers. Setting it to “base report only on non-service times” shows “No information available” as if there are no excluded timespans or the service period assignment does not work.

Is it possible, that you overlooked a service that belongs to the BI and has no service period? That would explain your issue as far as I know.

So for a BI I would have to assign this service period to every single host and service which is part of the aggregation?

My step by step explanation above describes what I did to get a “normal” availability report of a service (no BI) to work with the service period. But the report just does not take those excluded times into account :frowning_face:

That’s a good question, now that I think of it. One might want to say ‘no’ as ther might be different hosts with different service periods. However this at least might have to do with your issue.