AWS cloudwatch - Selection of alarms - Regex needed

Hi all,
I just want to use a regex or anything like this for the „AWS cloudwatch - Selection of alarms“ dialog. What I just want to get is that all cloudwatch alarms will be shown which have a specific pattern.
E.g.: abc123_ as start pattern.
So my cloudwatch alarms are called: abc123_alarm1, abc123_alarm2 and so on.
So I tried many things like ~.abc123_. or .abc123. and so on.
But nothing works as desired.
Maybe you can give me a hint how it should work with a regular expression.
Thank you in advance and best regards!

Does anybody have an idea or can give a hint for this issue?

How does your alarm look like ?
AFAIK, it doesn’t support regex. You have to put the names seperated by ;

Is there another opportunity to use a prefix?
My alarms are called e.g.:
and so on.

Does anybody have an idea or can give a hint for this issue?

Did you tried using abc123_alarm1;abc123_alarm2;abc123_cloudwatch ?
How many alarms you have ?

I do not want to use all the names of the cloudwatch alarms because it is very dynamic and sometimes we add some new alarms…
So it would be great to have such a regex or pattern matching.

Does anybody have an idea what I could try here?

Can I put this topic to a wish list or a feature request or anything else?

This is definitely a feature request

Thanks for your reply. Where can I put such a feature request?

Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

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