Azure AD: Monitor Users and Sync Interval

Discussions and feedback on the Azure AD plug-in that is part of the Feature Pack 1

Tried to install it but ran into a snag, it needs 1.6.0.p9 but that is not released yet.

Cannot install package: The package requires Check_MK version 1.6.0p9, but you have 1.6.0p8 installed.

Does it have dependencies on 1.6.0p9 or can it be re-packaged for 1.6.8p8?

Sorry for the trouble. The package on the exchange has been changed to be installable on 1.6.0p8.

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I was able to install it.

This should work as long as we have the Microsoft Azure WATO (datasource) rule configured? What extra permissions are required in the cloud for this?

You need to set up an Application ID with the “reader” role assigned. We have documented what is to be done here: (chapter 2)
Unfortunately the Azure Portal UI changes from time to time, so let us know if we need to update our guide!

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