Your feedback is needed: Checkmk Feature Pack 1

Dear community,

We’re excited to share with you that the first Checkmk Feature Pack will be released this month! :tada: The feature pack consists of plugins to enhance your Checkmk installation and is optional. Your feedback is important to us, so we want to share it with the community first.

The MKPs are available for download at the shiny new Checkmk Exchange and you can see all of them here. Please try them out and give any feedback you have.

To organize our discussions, we will have a forum thread for each plugin, listed here:

All discussions are tagged as feature-pack. We will be testing and collecting feedback until the 17th of February. For any questions, just reply here or to one of the topics above.

We look forward to your feedback. Happy monitoring!


Yaaay good news and a very very good idea.
Question: are these packages already “fixed” or is it possible to propose one or two packages to add?


If the format turns out to be good, we will release such feature packs more often. For this pack, this is the scope.

Best regards