Kubernetes ingress and job info

Discussions and feedback on the Kubernetes ingress and job info that is part of the Feature Pack 1

It’s not working. Activated it in our CEE install 1.6.0p11 and checkmk gets its piggyback
data from the same source in different stages (we have demo, staging, test, prod - same
naming). Check receiving data from all (!) sources and leaves some checks in unknown

Regards Guenther

For us it is not working either, without the MKP it works. We are using Google Kubernetes Cluster.

Error: [special_kubernetes] Agent exited with code 1: unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘NoneType’ and ‘NoneType’ CRIT , Got no information from host, execution time 2.1 sec

I uninstalled the MKP and it is working again


Thanks for reporting! The dev team is aware of the bug and will work on the updated version of the MKP.


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is this fixed with p13?

Hi @morbloe! unfortunately not yet. It’s still in progress. Will let you know when there’s any update that we can share. :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

This should have been fixed by Werk #11045 on p14. Does it work now for you?


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thanks for the HeadsUp! I will check later this week and report

so, I updated to 1.6.0p16 and get no errors, BUT I don’t recognize any improvements. So something must be wrong. It seems that it doesn’t matter if the MKP is activated or not. It get the same information.
Is there a comparison with and without? Any documentation?
May I have to collect the data in an other way with the MKP activated?