TP-LINK Switches Check Plugins

Discussions and feedback on the TP-Link Switches Check Plugins that is part of the Feature Pack 1

Tried your TPLink MKP with version 1.6.0p7 CEE. But when i try to check a TP-Link JetStream 8-Port Gigabit Smart Switch, T1500G-8T i got the following error message:

Error running automation call try-inventory (exit code 2), error:

local variable ‘section_content’ referenced before assignment

Any ideas ?

Can you please run on the command line “cmk --debug -vvI hostname”?

Sorry, for my late answer. Here´s the output

Loading autochecks from /omd/sites/sm/var/check_mk/autochecks/

    Trying discovery with: tplink_mem, hr_mem, snmp_uptime, if64_tplink, if64adm, tplink_poe_summary, tplink_poe, tplink_cpu, snmp_info
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/omd/sites/sm/bin/cmk”, line 94, in
    exit_status =, mode_args, opts, args)
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/modes/”, line 72, in call
    return mode.handler_function(*handler_args)
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/modes/”, line 1498, in mode_discover
    discovery.do_discovery(hostnames, options.get(“checks”), options[“discover”] == 1)
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 133, in do_discovery
    only_new, on_error)
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 167, in _do_discovery_for
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 834, in _discover_services
    check_plugin_name, on_error):
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 905, in _execute_discovery
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/data_sources/”, line 142, in get_section_content
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/data_sources/”, line 206, in _get_section_content
    section_content = self._update_with_parse_function(section_content, section_name)
    File “/omd/sites/sm/lib/python/cmk_base/data_sources/”, line 299, in _update_with_parse_function
    return parse_function(section_content)
    File “/omd/sites/sm/local/share/check_mk/checks/if64_tplink”, line 38, in parse_if64_tplink
    line[18] = line[20]
    IndexError: list index out of range

It looks like your switch is not producing the output expected from the check.
If you want to debug a little bit more, you can do the following.

Inside the file “if64_tplink” you can insert before line 38 a print statement to output the processed line.

for line in info:
    # if we have no special alias info we use the standard ifAlias info
    if not line[18]:
        print line
        line[18] = line[20]

then run the test again from before.