Check_mk-azure_agent_info: wrong error reported

I’m using checkmk 2.0.0p15cre and the check_mk-azure_agent_info reports this error

Graph client: Insufficient privileges to complete the operation.CRIT
Remaining API reads: 11989
Monitored groups: rsg-ne-nameofresourcegroup
Warnings: 0
Exceptions: 0
Issue in /subscriptions/[tenant-id]/resourceGroups/[rsg-ne-nameofresourcegroup]/providers/Microsoft.Sql/servers/[name-of-sql-server]/databases/master: Info: metric not found: dtu_consumption_percent (average)
Issue in /subscriptions/[tenant-id]/resourceGroups/[rsg-ne-nameofresourcegroup]/providers/Microsoft.Sql/servers/[name-of-sql-server]/databases/master: Info: metric not found: storage_percent (average)

Those metrics are “correcly” unavailable, is there any way they can be filtered out without causing the CRIT error ?

I’m more and more convinced this is a bug indeed … is this the correct place to report ?

If you have a support contract with us or a partner you can report the issue there.

Otherwise, you can refer to this post.

hopefully within the first few months of 2022 I’ll purchase a support contract. Till then, thanks for the info, I submitted an email.


Maybe someone else stumbles upon this post and can help meanwhile, but other than that I can only keep my fingers crossed for you. :slight_smile:

Hi, please check: Azure Host issues - #7 by DavideDG
I was not (yet) able to find a lower permissions settings, though… anyone can help with that ?