Check-MK not monitoring NFS mount on server

check mk is not monitoring NFS mount /data1 partition ,it is just showing free disk
Not showing any trends, time of the next scheduled service check
waitmax is also installed .

**check_mk agent Version: 1.2.6b1

This will be fixed in the next major version until now you only see the free space this is correct.
Inside the actual dev version, there is already the normal filesystem check function included.

Are u sure?
or any other way to solve this problm,
since this is external hard disk mounted on server.

What is the problem? The check shows correctly the free space but not graph or trend at the moment.

Yes this is the problem

As I said this function will come with the 1.7 version for the nfsmounts checks.
If you compare the file
with the actual dev version you will see that they changed some things inside.

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OKay ,I understand version update is the only solution.
Thanks for the help andreas!

Hi andreas,
can we have manual check to fetch this data…

The data is already there. If you are familiar with modifying / extending CMK checks then it will be possible to get already this output.
If you create an local check then you will get only the graph for the level. Trend graph is part of the filesystem check and not created for local checks.

In my systems it’s most times that the real volume (what is exporting the NFS) is monitored on some host and i get all these information’s there. On the host with the mounted NFS i only need to know if the volume is available or not.


you could trick the system. Just put following script in your check_mk agent local dir:

if type waitmax >/dev/null 2>&1
   OUT=$(waitmax -s 9 2 df -PTk | egrep ' nfs ')
   [ x"$OUT" == x ] && exit
   echo '<<<df>>>'
   echo "${OUT}" | sed 's/ nfs / NFS /g'


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just i ahve to put this script in check mk agent local directory nothing else?

I have put this script in check mk agent local of that server,but no change

@vanshmadan Just put this script in check_mk agent local directory of the host that mounts the nfs directory. Give it a name, e.g. “nfs_df”. Than make it executable:

chmod +x /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/local/nfs_df

After reinventarizing the host you should see nfs-volumes als new services.


@ttr I have placed the script , and have run it manually it is working but check mk is not showing any service , and i have made script executable too

@vanshmadan pleas run the script on the host and compare to output of command
cmk -d whateverhost
on check_mk server, run as site user. The same lines should appear.

Hi Tom,

script worked,trend is coming

Big thanks

what to do in case of pnp graph ,that is also not coming.

Hi @vanshmadan,

as this is now handled as any other filesystem this should be graphed and look like all your other filesystem checks. If this is a pnp problem: I am sorry but can’t help, we use cee.
Do you see performance data on the check?