Check_MK over iLO 5 by using RESTful API


We’re running Checkmk 1.6.0p7 version. I am looking for a way to setup hardware monitoring by using RESTful API (Redfish maybe). Hardware has iLO 5.

Any recommendations or best practices how to implement it. I’ve found some python libraries provided by HP. But first of all I would like to know opinion of people who has implemented it and may have some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

I was already toying with the idea of implementing a special agent for the redfish protocol, as this seems to be the new kid in town wrt systems management. But time is not endless…

There is a Nagios plugin available at that may help you.

Thank you for your reply. Does Checkmk supports Nagios modules? I am asking because I am not so familiar with Checkmk yet :slight_smile:

checkmk fully support Nagios plugins.

You can store them in $OMD_ROOT/local/lib/nagios/plugins.

There is currently only a german article in the documentation:

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Sounds great. I will try this way. Thanks!

One more question. Is Nagios using SNMP only for scanning or REST API can be configured? I am reading documentation now, most stuff related to SNMP.

The Nagios plugin from is using a Python module for redfish, which has to be installed. I do not think that it uses SNMP.

I went through this repo before. Before I didn’t know that I can use Nagios plugins within CheckMK :slight_smile: Looks suitable and easy to implement. Thanks again :+1:

Only one comment - i already build a first agent for redfish on ilo4 / ilo5.
It is working but as the redfish API is not “stable” at the moment there where changes inside the data structure over the last two year that every time needed adjustments on the special agent side.

That’s the reason i don’t uploaded it to my github but i will take a look and upload it the next days :slight_smile:
Also if you use this special agent the ilo restapi Python module is needed.

Could you please provide any references how to build an agent for redfish?

The reference i used is the official documentation from HPE and the sample scripts included inside the API.

At the moment i rewrite my agent for the latest API version. I try also to make a universal agent for iLO4 and 5. Until now i needed two scripts for the two versions.

Thank you for the link. I will go through this documentation.

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