HPE iLO Restful Redfish API Agent

If someone want’s to test my actual version of the iLO agent, I build a actual package with only one special agent for iLO4 and 5. In my environment it runs with the latest patched iLO 4 and 5 without problem.

This topic was already discussed here Check_MK over iLO 5 by using RESTful API

You can find the actual mkp file on my github.

If an error happens at the special agent it would be good to get the agent output directly or if error happens at the check, the output from “cmk --debug -vvn hostname” would be the best for troubleshooting.

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Ah, you already did something. I bookmarked https://github.com/bb-Ricardo/check_redfish and wanted to implemented a special agent based on that code when there is some free time (i.e. never :wink: ).

Some update News :slight_smile:
Agent for Dell Redfish looks also possible the same way. First tests are successful, i have only to select what is important to monitor as there like in HP devices so many single values to gather.

Hi guys,

I can confirm that this solution https://github.com/bb-Ricardo/check_redfish works with HP servers perfectly.

Why using a classic check if you can use a special agent?
The classic check can also have some problems inside CMK if it really needs Python 3.

Hi Andreas,

im using your redfish plugin on over 60 HPE servers with different models and GEN 9/10 now and the plugin runs perfectly fine !
Should be the default in checkmk in my opinion as HPE seems to have a lot of problems either in their ilo or snmp code, that leads to more than 60/70s of runtime for snmpwalks on some servers.
The redfish agent is running 1.8 seconds in average :slight_smile:

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The time for the data collections depends most on the amount of memory modules and hard drives.
It it possible with big servers that it takes up to 30 seconds.