CheckMK High Availlability

Hi there

I plan to build a CheckMK Enterprise Instance.
My Goal is to have two CheckMK Servers which one is the Master and one is on Standby, if the Master goes down. CheckMK will be installed on two Linux VMs.
I have seen the Topic from two years ago, but wanted to ask, if this is still the case?

Is there no way to have high availlability if you install CheckMK on your own Linux VM, only on the CheckMK Appliance?


The price you pay for the appliance is way cheaper than trying to do it yourself. Really.

I have seen enterprise IT departments trying to setup Corosync/Pacemaker/DRBD for checkmk and fail miserably.

Just use the virtual appliance and be happy if you need HA.

Thank you for the fast anwer.
I do have the same opinion, I rather have no HA than biulding it myself…

I have three Pacemaker/Corosync CMK clusters running. It is only the self made setup as i need there acitve-active clusters with separate sites on every node.
The Pacemaker/Corosync setup is based on the description from Simon Meggle

If i need only a HA setup i take also the appliance or virtual appliance of CMK.

Appliance +1
15 Minutes and everything is working