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Hello there,

I have been trying to figure out a smart and easy solution to merge two different sites/instances into one checkMK system. Currently we have seperate systems for servers + network hardware, because both departments started their own monitoring and figured out after several years it’s smarter to bring the monitoring together.
However I am struggling to transfer ~400 rules from one site to another. Since hosts can be easily created with the Web-API my only struggle is with the ruleset for notifications and hosts and services.

Is there anybody with experience in such forms of migration? Maybe even a tool that allows easy migration?

I am happy for every hint I can get.


Hello Christopher
I think in the first step you could create a new site with no monitoring core and attach your both sites there via livestatus without config sync (Distributed monitoring as hint for the documentation). Then you have both sites in on view. The rules are stored in text / python files in your SITE:


If you have rules per folder then there is a file inside the folder. Maybe you can copy other the rules, but I would test this with a cloned site. You have to be aware of the format in the files to get it working. If you have totaly different folders you can simply copy these into new folders. Only with the global rules you have to copy from two files into one.

I hope this helps you a bit. I think this is very easy to test with copy a site to test this migration.

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Thanks for the hint marass,

especially the location for the rules file seems helpful to me. I will try this and let you know whether it worked or not.

I have done two or three such migrations. The most challenging part is the migration of all settings belonging to the multisite itself. This are notifications / users, if existing LDAP connections and so on.

On the system i had done the doing looked like the following procedure.

The new central monitoring system there i create under “~/etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato/” a new folder “system2”.
Inside this folder goes the complete content of the second system folder “~/etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato/”.
Now you have to do what @marass already said, manually join the files


Leave and as they are inside the “system2” folder. These two files should be the only files inside the “system2” folder, only some subfolders should be there.

That’s was the easy step.

The challenging folder is “~/etc/check_mk/multisite.d/wato/”. You need to merge all the files inside the files from your new master site. Without breaking the configuration :slight_smile:


One point i forgot!!!
To make the process easier - sync the host tags on booth systems before you start.
I mean every site should have the same host tags available.

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