Checkmk Product Poll Results

Dear community,

During the previous Checkmk conference, we ran various polls to ask the participants their opinion on certain topics regarding the future of Checkmk. Here are the top 3 answers for each question, and we will discuss them in more detail in the community call today at 6:30pm.

What do you think of the results? Do you agree that these are the things that tribe29 should prioritize?

Major Improvements in CMK 1.6

  1. Windows Monitoring 2.0
  2. Dynamic Config
  3. Dark Theme

Which of the following would you like to see in a future Checkmk version?

  1. Dependency detection
  2. Anomaly detection & automatic correlation of metrics
  3. End-to-end monitoring

Which of the existing features should be developed further?

  1. Reporting
  2. BI
  3. Agent Bakery

What should be improved in the existing features?

  1. Drag & Drop for BI
  2. Service Dependency (when Apache down then HTTP check stale)
  3. Exporting: Make threshold visible/exportable

What should we focus on for the User Interface of Checkmk?

  1. Overall usability (configuration, operation)
  2. Dashboard Usability (Drag & Drop)
  3. New dashlets

Which tools should Checkmk integrate natively?

  1. Ansible
  2. OTRS (Service Desk)
  3. Selenium (E2E)

Which security features should be added to Checkmk?

  1. Single-Signon (Active Directory)
  2. Two-Factor Authentication
  3. Comprehensive audit logs (every action)

Which elements of Checkmk should be improved performance-wise?

  1. Activate Changes
  2. Services Discovery
  3. GUI

For which applications should the monitoring be built or extended?

  1. PostgreSQL
  2. Nextcloud
  3. Java (JVM)

For which cloud services or container tools should the monitoring be built or extended?

  1. OpenShift
  2. OpenStack
  3. Azure Load Balancer

For which operating system or virtualization platform should the monitoring be built or extended?

  1. KVM
  2. Xen
  3. HPUX

How should we extend the network monitoring of Checkmk?

  1. Network Topology Discovery
  2. Extended visualization of network topologies
  3. Ubiquity Unifi

For which servers, storages and other hardware should the monitoring be buld or extended?

  1. NetApp (FAS, AF, e-Series)
  2. Dell/EMC
  3. Sophos Firewalls

On which topic should we focus most in the future of Checkmk?

  1. User Interface (Dashboards, Graphing, Usability)
  2. Performance
  3. New things (Dependency detection, data analytics, Checkmk in der Cloud)

What Prometheus exporters shall we integrate next?

  1. ElasticSearch
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. MySQL

Ideas for Netapp:

  • in Volume Checks: Snapshot Space Usage & Snapshot Space Reserve
  • pre Build Drilldown Dashboads for Latency Metrics (Network, QoS, Disk Layers) - like in Netapp Harvest with Grafana

Idea for Integration of ansible:
if you run automatic ansible runs let errors be reported to CheckMK.

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To integrate ansible seems to be a sensible thing. But why should CMK core developers be bothered with such things? I have already a hand-knit inventory bridge that makes most of CMK’s knowledge available in Ansible, and some basic checks that report back to CMK – all this is currently highly site-specific but could be made a little more generic. Perhaps somebody could make use of it too?